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Minutes September 2022

Draft Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 19th July 2022
Cllrs. Dr. S. Dawson,(chairman) D. Harrod.  C. Horwood,   J. Wright.  
 District Cllr. V. Holliday.  One member of the public.                 J.Stibbons(clerk)
The meeting opened at 7.30pm
1.         Apologies.     Cllr. N. Cary,
2.         There were no Declarations of interest.
3.         There were no comments or questions on the agenda from members of the public.
4.         The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 17th May 2022.were approved by the                  members present and signed by the chairman.
5.         Report
Dr. S. Dawson    Beach Road
The 2013 flood surge led to the car park being covered with shingle and from then on there was parking on the road.
After the 2019 Covid lockdown everything changed. Since then there has been a steady increase in the number camper vans parking there overnight and some times for a week. There has been an increase in litter, camp fires and BBQ`s. The worst aspect there has been emptying of their chemical waste into the ditch beside the road. There has also been human waste left on the beach and especially Granburgh hill.
Vandalism has lead to the signs put up by the Parish Council, N.W.T. etc. being ripped down and burnt and the emergency telephone destroyed.
In 2022 there has been an ongoing series of meetings between the various agencies including -
The National Trust,  Norfolk Wildlife Trust,  N.N.D.C. the Police,  County councillor E. Vardy,
District councillor V. Holliday and Salthouse Parish Council to try and find solutions.
The number of vehicles parking has been logged and the pollution monitored.
Finally there are two possible projects offered by Highways.
(1)  Yellow zig zag lines (hatchings) at the end to stop parking there and prevent obstruction for the emergency vehicles if they need to access the beach. Possibly some yellow lines and bollards.
(2)  NNDC and Highways have come up with a possibility of a traffic sign that says in effect “No Overnight Parking for Motor homes”.  The wording to be confirmed. This needs a TRO and the cost will be £6000.
County Cllr. E. Vardy and NNDC will pay half of this but Salthouse Parish Council would need to pay£3000.
I will bring this as a formal proposal to the SPC when it is confirmed. The Councillors have discussed this and are in favour.
We accept these measures may not solve the problem completely but we feel it is a good start.
We are also chasing the Environment Agency re the pollution and contamination of the waterways.
The Parish Council are supporting a bid to have a public waste disposal facility for camper vans (the so called wild campers not using a site). This is currently proposed for the Runton Road car park at Cromer but there is a suggestion to site it at the brand new recycling unit that is to be built.
It is suggested that coastal villages put their views to NNDC who will take it to committee to discuss.
There is a debate over whether more rubbish bins would help or make matters worse in the current situation.
It was proposed by Cllr. Dawson that the Salthouse Parish Council should support the installation by of a sign, at the entrance of Beach Road, supplied by NCC Highways stating that no Motorhomes were allowed between 6.30pm and 8.30am The Parish Council would contribute £3000, being half the cost if installation.  This proposal was seconded by Cllr. Horwood and unanimously approved.
The Parish Council agreed to support the bid for recycling at Runton Road or the new rubbish tip.

Dist. Cllr. V. Holliday The full June report was circulated to members and is attached to these minutes.
Cllr. Holliday also informed the meeting that applications for the Youth Camp can be registered on the NNDC web site.
There is research into second homes. Planning approval will be needed to go from residential status to holiday homes.
6.  Matters arising from the Minutes.  The Jubilee celebrations were a great success especially the bonfire.
It is hoped to repeat the bonfire and BBQ next year.
7. It is planned to upgrade or renew the web site and integrate it with the History site.
8. Speeding.  Nothing to report at this stage.
9. There were no new planning applications.
10. Heath Trustees report. The signs “Dogs on Leads” have been printed and will be placed on posts.
Gates and barriers should be delivered in the next ten days.
90% of the new constitution for the Heath Management is complete.
Marl Pit. Work to be started on 1st August. There is a possible grant to puddle the bottom of the pit with clay.
11.  Financial matters.
The following invoices were approved for payment:-
Playsafely                   Safety inspection                    £84
J. Wright                     Grass cutting                           £520
12. Playing Field. The report from RoSPA Playsafety was noted. There are no serious defects with the equipment or play area.
13. Correspondence.  A request form Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS) for a donation.
It was agreed that all Grants and Donations would be discussed at the September meeting.
All other correspondence was by email as was forwarded to members as received.
14. There were no matters for information or the next agenda.
There being no further business the chairman closed the meeting at 8.27pm
The next meeting of Salthouse Parish Council will be on Tuesday 13th September2022.

.District Councillors Report June 2022
Coastal - additional funding will be required for Cromer and Mundesley Coast Protection Schemes owing to increased construction costs. Work is being done to improve access to the beach at Overstrand and Happisburgh. There’s no current update on the share of a £36 million investment to explore innovative approaches to adaptation to coastal erosion. The following are being worked on - coastal loss innovative funding and finance, coastal processes gap analysis, shoreline management plan, coastal adaptation supplementary planning document, and monitoring the sandscaping scheme at Bacton.
Housing – 160 new affordable houses were built last year, with 52 expected this year. The number is lower due to lack of sites and the impact of the building pause due to nutrient neutrality.
The new Energy Officer is liaising with parishes to promote energy efficiency improvement works. Contact NNDC for details. A Discretionary Hardship and Support Grant is also available, as is the Household Support Fund, extended till March.
There are currently 49 households in temporary accommodation in the district, and 2525 households on the housing waiting list.
Culture – the next meeting of the Community Arts Funding Panel is July 28th and submissions are welcomed.
Leisure -there will be a bid for Levelling Up funding to build a new swimming pool in Fakenham.
Six blue flag accolades have been awarded to beaches across the district.
RNLI lifeguard are in place at Sheringham West, Cromer East, Mundesley and Sea Palling: the remainder will start in July.
Cromer Pier came second in the annual pier of the year competition.
Well-being – funding has been received for 8 community connectors, each working with one of the district’s towns and surrounding villages. These community connectors will work with community leaders and organisations to identify priorities, needs or gaps in support, facilities or service provision, and the work with the community and NNDC to fill those gaps.
North Norfolk Waiting Well project will help those waiting for non urgent orthopaedic surgery with, for example, housing adaptations.
Sustainable growth – the Economic Growth team are working on an Employment and Local Skills Strategy and a Business Engagement Plan.
UK Shared Prosperity Fund – NNDC s allocation of this Levelling Up funding is £1.2 million over three years. The first submission date is August 2022. The first year’s funding of £150,000 can either go to boost existing projects or start new ones in the following areas- communities and place, supporting local business, or people and skills.
Environment- composition analysis shows food waste is the biggest single element of residual waste. There are plans for food collection from next year.
The Net Zero Action Plan has been adopted which aims to reduce NNDC’s carbon footprint to net zero by 2030.
The environmental team has been identifying areas across the district which are suitable for rewilding.
Finance – NNDC was sixth in the country at paying out the Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grants and 24th at paying out coronavirus business grants.

90% of eligible properties have received the Council Tax Energy Rebate.
Customer Services - 10% of customer contacts are not trying to access NNDC but alternate services e.g. Norfolk County Council. Telephone options have been updated to direct customers to the right place first time.
Public convenience refurbishments at Wells are progressing.
Planning – consultants have been appointed to work with NNDC and the other affected Norfolk councils to develop a short term mitigation strategy for the Nutrient Neutrality issue by August, and a long term strategy by February 2023. The majority of householder applications and commercial development in the Wensum and Broads catchment area can still be determined, but new housing and tourism development is restricted till mitigation is developed.
The Planning Department is working on a Planning Service Improvement Plan using soundings from a customer satisfaction survey, and engagement with developers, town and parish councils. A draft improvement strategy will follow in the autumn.
The building control team has a higher workload than usual and the enforcement team currently has 245 live cases.

Dr Victoria Holliday

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