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Minutes May 2022

Draft Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 8th March 2022
Present Cllrs. Dr. S. Dawson,(chairman) C. Horwood, N. Cary,  J. Wright.  
 District Cllr. V. Holliday.  Nine members of the public.              J.Stibbons(clerk)
The meeting opened at 7.30pm
1.         Apologies.   County Cllr. E. Vardy,  Cllr. D. Harrod.
2.         There were no Declarations of interest.
3.         There were no comments or questions on the agenda from members of the public.
4.         The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 11th January 2022.were approved by the members present and signed by the chairman.
5.         Report
Dist Cllr. V. Holliday.   
NNDC, as part of the Norfolk Warm Homes Consortium, has £3.85m of government grant to provide energy efficiency works to homes occupied by low income households. If household income is less than £30,000 and the property has an Energy Performance Certificate of band D or lower, the grant will cover 100% of costs for owner occupiers (to a maximum of £10,000) and 2/3 of the cost for landlords ( to a maximum of £7,500 for landlords). Eligible works include wall, loft and underfloor insulation, and low carbon heating technologies.
Discretionary Housing Payments are still available for those who need support to prevent rent arrears and eviction.
The Household Support Fund is open till the end of March but has only £30,000 left. Online applications are paused whilst existing applications are processed. The focus is on those on income related benefits such as pension credit, those on disability and sickness related benefits and those living in a property with an Energy Performance Certificate of E or below. To find out more on any of these, go to
The Developing Skills in Health and Social Care project will provide fully funded qualifications to staff in Norfolk and Suffolk.
The Taxi Association has decided against a fare review as they feel an increase in taxi fares will have a negative impact on their business.
Full Council increased NNDC council tax by £4.95 per Band D household.’
Community First Responders - the Ambulance Trust has funding to provide an extra Community First Responder car in North Norfolk for the spring/summer. They would like to work with parishes to staff up existing CFR groups; Contact if you are interested in this vital role. Training and support is provided.
Camper vans – a recent stakeholder meeting was held regarding campervan overnight parking causing environmental damage at one of our coastal villages. The police, NNDC and the landowners are looking at
ways to mitigate this and will report back at the next meeting. There will be learnings applicable to other coastal villages.
Equinor are holding Information Days on the new wind farm extensions - the closest is at Sheringham Museum, Lifeboat Plain, Sheringham, Norfolk NR26 8BG on Thursday 10 March - 11am to 4pm.
County Cllr. E. Vardy  A written report was sent to all Salthouse councillors.
A copy of this report is included at the end of these minutes.
6.         Matters arising from the Minutes. The chairman reported on meeting held to discuss the pollution and rubbish on Beach Road.  Present were representatives from NNDC, Wildlife Trust,  National Trust, Police and NCC Highways. No positive outcome resulted from the meeting but further meetings are planned.
The finger sign pointing to Beach Road is to be removed. 
A barrier is not an option.
Disposal sites for caravan and motorhome toilets are not being considered by North Norfolk District Council.
7.         Speeding. It was agreed that a 20mph restriction should still be an aim and pressure should still be brought to try and achieve this.
8.         Queens Jubilee. A fire pit would be lit on the village green on 3rd. June at 9.15pm.
On Sunday 5th June a party will be held in and around the village hall from 3pm to 6pm. Commemoration mugs will be presented to the children. One consideration was to close off the road in front of the shop for a street party and use of the green.
9.         Grit Bin. The Grit Bin at Catriona Court has now been filled. A request has been made to Highways for a second bin at the bottom of Cross Street.
10.       Heath Trustees Report
The first meeting was held on Sunday 27th February and covered the following:
The revised Constitution is not yet completed but is in progress.
Appointment of second tier Trustees held until constitution completed but will continue with existing appointees until approved by Parish Council.
Going ahead with one height barrier and 7 gates onto the Heath. Finalising costing before ordering. Although the gates will be locked to keep out dumping, campervans and travellers, those in the village who will need regular access can have a key.
Scrub flailing has been done, burning of gorse has been postponed till late Sept/ October due to material being too wet.
Sheep have been reintroduced into the northern enclosure and consist of Welsh Cross and Herdwick.
Alongside the animal fences the gorse and scrub has been cut on both sides but needs the fence line clearing by hand. Volunteers will be sought and advertised on the village website.
An iPad has been purchased to assist in maintaining records etc.
Gallow Hill with the Tumulus needs strimming and again volunteers will be requested.
Cuckoo Corner ownership is still in discussion and maps are being sought from the NNDC archives. With the help of more modern maps from NNDC it will be possible to apportion Tithes and solve the Cuckoo corner ownership problem.
Reported that Japanese Knot weed is in an old quarry within the Heath and this will be dealt with again when it arrives in the spring.
The Bylaw for dumping and fires on the Heath calls for a £20 fine for an infringement. This is required to be increased and procedures are being sort for the increase.
The Marl pit pond has had the trees pollarded to the West of the pond and the spoils are being cleared on Saturday 12th march. Any volunteers most welcome.
11.        Financial matters.
Bank Balances at 8/3/22   Current a/c £5109.03  Savings a/c £4752.63
The following invoices were approved for payment:-
           C. Horwood                  Signs                                        £133.54
           J. Stibbons                    Salary and expenses                  £632.92
           HMRC                         PAYE                                       £124.80
           NALC                          Subscription                             £89.29
12.       Playing Field  A satisfactory safety check carried out on 30th December.
It was agreed to plant Walnut, Fruit and Beech trees on the boundary.
13.       Correspondence      All correspondence was received by e-mail and forwarded to members.
14.      Matters for information only or for the next Agenda.
Toad Signs. Colin Horwood was thanked for organising the collection of toads from the highway. To date 329 toads have been saved. 161 have been killed by traffic.
Community fund. This fund should not be in the Parish Council's name. It should have its own name,   Salthouse Community Fund was suggested. Any funds could be deposited in the parish council bank account at the start but  the fund needs its own bank account when it has become established. It was agreed that there should be an interim meeting, as the next parish council meeting was two months away.
There being no further business the chairman closed the meeting at 8.22pm
The next meeting of Salthouse parish council will be held on Tuesday 17th May 2022

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